If you’ve ever attempted to sell a vintage purse on eBay, then you know the competition can be brutal. Right now, there are more than 80,000 active listings for Coach bags alone.

And if you search for the word “handbag”? You’re likely to get one million results. No joke! To say the least, eBay’s purse market is fully saturated and then some.

But does that mean you’re out of luck if you have vintage purses worth money to sell? Not at all! You just need to know who to work with in order to get the most bang for your buck.

But first let’s take a look at the purses that’ll help you bring in the most money. With one of these six investment pieces, you should see a worthwhile return. From the Fendi tote to the Gucci saddle bag, here are the purses you can profit from.

1. Fendi Tote

Fendi continues to set the standard when it comes to beautifully crafted bags that can survive even the toughest blitz of trends from fashion season.

If you’re lucky enough to own a buttery Selleris Firenze Handbag Leather purse, you can expect to see significant returns when selling it. The same goes for a Vintage Pequin Convertible Boston Bag, which continues to hold its value.

But what if you see these bags online for $500 or less? Don’t despair. The first rule of selling a luxury pre-owned bag is avoiding the internet.

When you work with the right pawn shop, you can expect to see a healthy profit from one of these stunning bags.

2. Chanel Black Totes

Nothing says classic like a Chanel Classic Flap Bag in black. These sizzling little numbers are not only gorgeous but they go with everything. That makes them the ultimate accessory from daytime to evening.

What’s more, these purses can bring in some serious cash. One Chanel medium flap in caviar leather, for example, appreciated from a purchase price of $1600 to $4900 in a decade. That’s an increase of upwards of 206 percent in just a decade!

That’s better than the S&P with its 49 percent returns.

Depending on the leather and hardware, Chanel black totes can retain or increase in value over time making them a solid investment piece from both a fashion and financial point of view.

3. Chanel Tote Handbag

And Chanel’s value doesn’t stop with their black totes. Another great investment bag that can bring in beaucoup bucks is their Chanel Boy Bag.

Introduced in 2011, it has quickly gained a position as a classic bag. Starting at $1500, this bag typically retains 90 percent of its resale value and remains a hot item at the moment.

To give you an idea of what you stand to make on one of these bags, consider the. In 2014, the bag retailed for $2500. Today, it goes for upwards of $5100. If you have any of these babies in your closet, you could make big money.

Just remember to not list it on eBay. You’ll never get the money your bag is worth there simply because there are too many on the marketplace. Instead, consider a pawn shop with an excellent reputation and stirling customer service.

4. Chanel Crossbody Bag

Another lovely purse with real staying power is Chanel’s Crossbody Bag. They retail for $2,000 and more and keep going up in price over the years.

They allow for luxurious fashion that can be surprisingly convenient and hands-free because of their iconic durable leather and metal straps.

Whether you’ve got a 2019 Sunset on the Sea Flap Bag or a 2017 Quilted Wallet on Chain, expect to see major returns on these bags.

5. Gucci Saddle Bag

If you’ve got an iconic Gucci Saddle bag purse, consider it a serious investment piece that will perform well resold. Whether it’s a Gucci leather 17″ saddle equestrian bag or a Vintage Gucci Monogram Saddle Bag, they remain hot items.

As you may have already realized, vintage iconic bags are making a serious comeback in Fall 2019.

As the younger generation turns to the fashion past to channel classic women such as Audrey Hepburn and Candace Bergman, this trend will only continue. It’s the perfect moment to cash in on this trend and make some extra money.

But you’ll miss the boat if you try to sell your handbag online. Instead, work with an establishment who has a solid reputation and expertise in reeling luxury consignment pieces.

6. Hermes Birkin

Did you know that a preowned Hermes Birkin can still retail for $13,500? While this might sound like a crazy figure, it’s far from extraordinary.

Of course, the resale value of the Hermes depends on a variety of factors. These include the type of leather, style, and hardware. But because they are produced in limited quantities, they tend to retain their resale value.

Because of their unparalleled exclusivity and scarcity, if you work with the right shop, you can see major returns on such a past investment. In fact, Birkin bags retail for anywhere between $9,000 and $150,000.

Some resale bags have even gone for as high as $223,000. But don’t leave your resale to chance. Work with an expert who understand luxury consignment so that you can get the full value out of your piece.

Especially if its a fine piece of art and fashion like the Hermes.

Vintage Purses Worth Money

Many people who attempt to sell vintage purses worth money get disappointed when they attempt to sell via the internet. Why? Because competition is high and the market’s also flooded with plenty of counterfeit bags.

But when you go through the right channels for your resale, you can see the returns that you deserve. A pawn shop often represents a much better route to go. But you need to work with one that has a national reputation.

Find out more about National Pawn and Jewelry and why we’re the best place to resell your investment.