South Florida – home to vast cultural diversity, scorching summer temperatures, and the Everglades, there’s much to see and so much to do in the most southern area of these United States.

Now, you may not have noticed, but the pawn and jewelry industry of South Florida is one of the most vibrant in the entire nation!

South Florida is home to a massive quantity of retirees and the elderly, and as a result, pawn shops down here in Florida are often inundated with the finest selections of jewelry, art, and virtually any item you can think of.

Whether you are looking to shop, looking to pawn or sell, or just looking to look, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a pawn shop for everyone in South Florida! Here, we guide you through a list to answer your question: “What’s the best pawn shops near me?”

Understanding Pawn Shops

Before we get into the best pawn shops and best pawn items for South Florida, it’s important to understand just how pawn shops work in a general sense.

Pawn shops, at the most basic level, generally have two sides to their business: the loaning of money for items, and the selling of items the shop has either bought outright or now owns due to a customer not paying their loan back.

When you are getting cash for an item at a pawn shop, you will have one of two options typically: you can pawn the item for a loan which will need to be paid back, or you can sell the item outright. This is the main difference between pawning and selling.

If you wish to get an item back, you would most likely go for the pawning option, as this would allow you to get the item back, provided you pay off the loan in whatever time period is specified.

What Are the Best Pawn Shops Near Me?

Choosing a pawn shop can be a tricky business. It is important to feel comfortable choosing a reputable pawn shop that you can trust.

What’s more, you deserve to have confidence in the quality and authenticity of their items, as well as any offers they make for items of yours.

So, how do you know you are looking at a pawn shop that meets these needs if you’re in South Florida?

Fear not, for the answer is right here! Here is a couple of the best pawn shops in South Florida.

National Pawn & Jewelry: Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are looking for the finest shop in South Florida for buying and selling gold and jewelry, look no further: National Pawn & Jewelry is one of the oldest and most respected upscale pawn shops in Florida.

Founded in 1977, this family owned shop began as a jack-of-all-trades shop, dealing in virtually every pawn category from guns to cars to electronics.

Today, this establishment has morphed into the premier watch and jewelry pawn store in the state of Florida, specializing in short term collateral loans for luxury watches and fine jewelry.

In addition to this, they also deal in some finer luxury items such as memorabilia and artwork. They also deal extensively in designer handbags.

This shop further boosts its reputability by being members of national organizations such as:

  • National Pawnbrokers Association
  • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
  • International Watch and Jewelers Guild
  • Polygon Trading Network

You can feel confident buying or selling with this shop, as they deal in only the highest quality jewelry and watches, and have the reputation to prove it.

And if all of this isn’t enough to convince you, just take a single look inside their gorgeous showroom, and you’ll instantly know you’re looking at the real deal.

Cash America Pawn: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Perhaps one of the more commercialized pawn shops in the nation, Cash America has been sort of a one-stop shop or sell location for any and everything that can conceivably be bought or sold. If you want to buy it or sell it, chances are Cash America deals in it.

Here, you won’t get the same high-end experience that you’d get at the previous pawn shop: that’s not what Cash America is all about.

Rather, Cash America is more analogous to Walmart, offering bargains and products that are more conducive to everyday life.

While you wouldn’t necessarily trust in the reputation of Cash America based upon reviews or the aesthetics alone, the reason you can (generally) trust Cash America is the sheer size of the company.

While they may offer you less for items than certain mom and pop shops, you can at least be confident in knowing that the standard is relatively similar across hundreds of stores throughout the United States.

Also, if you are looking to pawn items other than jewelry or watches in South Florida, Cash America takes almost any category of item imaginable, which means they also sell every category of item imaginable.

If that doesn’t convince you to come, there’s always the possibility of a Florida man sighting to spice things up!

General Gun Shop: Miami, FL

While the last couple of pawn shops have covered just about every item imaginable under the sun, there is one more major category of item that this pawn shop in Miami happens to specialize in: Firearms!

The General Gun Shop in Miami, FL offers gold and general pawn services, but they earn their keep doing mostly what their name suggests: the buying, selling, and pawning of guns.

You can frequently find this pawn shop at local gun shows and events, and they carry over 15 brands of firearms.

Needless to say, if you’re in the market for buying or selling a gun at a pawn shop, this store is second to none in South Florida.

Pawn, Sell, Or Buy Today!

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