Whether you’re moving or simply downsizing, pawn shops are a great way to get rid of excess clutter.

Thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo, more people than ever before are looking for ways to offload their stuff.

Here is a list of six things to sell at a pawn shop that will help you make a little money and clear your clutter at the same time.

1. Gemstones

If you have gems, particularly diamonds, pawn shops will almost always be interested in making a purchase. Gemstones can vary by weight, clarity, color, and more so be aware of the various levels of value before you decide if you want to pawn yours. 

While diamonds are typically the most popular item, you can also sell rubies, emeralds, topaz, and other gemstones to most pawn shops. These gemstones can be loose or included in a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet.

Keep in mind that if the jewelry itself isn’t valuable, that doesn’t mean the gemstones it holds are not. An experienced pawn shop will know exactly what to look for when it comes to determining the value of the piece of jewelry versus the actual gemstone. 

2. Jewelry

It goes without saying that jewelry is a valuable commodity. While you shouldn’t sell off precious family heirlooms if you can avoid it, perhaps you have a necklace or two that you never wear anymore and they’re cluttering up your jewelry box.

Pawn shops will test the jewelry for purity and to make sure it’s real, but these items are always a successful option if you’re looking for something to pawn. In fact, when it comes to resale value, jewelry is by far one of the most common things to sell at a pawn shop.

You should clean your jewelry before bringing it in since presentation can make a big impact on how the pawn shop will respond to accepting it for resale.

3. Luxury Watches are Popular Things to Sell at a Pawn Shop

High-end watches are constantly in demand, and a pawn shop is an excellent way to sell that Rolex you never dig out of the drawer any longer. The value of your watch will greatly depend on the maker, condition, and rarity.

Men’s watches are especially popular, but many women’s luxury watch brands can also bring you top dollar. Make sure that the watch you’re selling is completely authentic before you take it in.

An experience pawn shop knows exactly what to look for when authenticating luxury watches, so any paperwork you can bring will be helpful. Make sure your watch is in good to excellent shape with no scratches or chips.

4. Designer Handbags

From Gucci and Chanel to Michael Kors, designer handbags are always in demand. These fashionable commodities are a popular choice for people looking to purchase high-end bags at a discount.

If you find you have some handbags in your closet that you never use, it’s a good idea to consider selling them for cash. Make sure your bag is authentic, and if you still have the receipt, bring it with you to help the pawn shop verify its authenticity.

You might not make what you spend on the bag back, but you’ll definitely reap some kind of profit in the long run. And, depending on demand, you might actually make more than what you paid if it applies to your situation. 

5. Fine Art

Whether you’re a purveyor of masterpieces or you happen to have a few paintings lying around, pawn shops are on the hunt for beautiful fine art. Be aware that any artwork you sell must be fully authenticated before it can be put on the market.

From a treasured Picasso to a famous local artist, many pawn shops are constantly looking to expand their art collection. Look for a small certificate of authenticity on the back of your artwork. If it’s not there, you might want to get it appraised by a professional before you take it in.

It’s important to remember that fine art is subjective, and not everyone will appreciate that fall landscape painting you’ve had hanging in the living room. Just like any other commodity, artwork sells based on the current demand. 

6. Gold or Silver

You may have some coins lying around that are taking up space. If so, pawn shops love to sell precious metals to customers.

Be sure you research each item in advance to make sure you understand what the going rates are for gold, silver, and other metals. Since most pawn shops will test and then weigh the items right there in-house, you can expect to get a portion of their current market rate in weight paid out to you.

If the price of gold and silver goes up per ounce, you could end up making more than you expected, depending on when your precious metals sell. Keep an eye on the markets to help you determine the best time to take your gold or silver in for sale.

Pawning Is a Great Way to End Clutter

Once you’re ready to declutter, go through your home and find things to sell at a pawn shop so you can enjoy some extra money minus the added clutter.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s luxury watch or a diamond ring you don’t wear anymore, you’ll be surprised at how many things you can pawn.

For more information about pawn shops and how they work, be sure to visit our blog.