We all have it, jewelry that’s been sitting around for ages and never gets worn. If you’ve come across some during a recent cleaning session, you’re likely trying to figure out what to do with it. 

You could always leave it there to be found another day. Or see if someone else wants it, so it can sit at their house.

Want a better option? Sell it to get yourself some cash!

How do you sell jewelry in Deerfield Beach? Here’s everything you need to know about selling jewelry at a pawn shop.

Consider Demand

Before taking your extra jewelry to a pawnbroker, consider the demand for what you have. The broker will be more likely to purchase items that are likely to be purchased soon.

If bracelets aren’t really a fashionable thing anymore, you may not get any money for them. But necklaces are timeless and people will always wear them, so you might fare better with those.

Whatever types of jewelry you have, think of it in terms of current trends.

Don’t forget there are many uses for jewelry. The pieces you have may be more suitable for costume jewelry or something other than typical day wear. Consider what your jewelry is best for before taking it to a pawnbroker.

Knowing what your jewelry can be used for may help you get the most money for your pieces.

Help it Look its Best

If your jewelry has been sitting around for a while, it likely isn’t in its best state. That means you’re going to have to clean it up.

All sorts of gunk can get stuck in jewelry. Chains offer the perfect little spaces for catching dust, dirt, and other paraphernalia.

Your pieces may be dirty from the last time they were worn. Or they might be covered in dust or other grime if they haven’t been stored well.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to get your jewelry looking good as new again. You won’t even need to purchase any special cleaners or tools.

What’s the secret ingredient to easy jewelry cleaning? Baking soda!

Baking soda is useful in many situations other than baking, and this is one area where it shines.

All you need is some baking soda and water. Mix the two together in appropriate proportions to create a paste. Start with the baking soda, then add water a little at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

One your paste is created, rub it on the jewelry. Some simple scrubbing is all you’ll need to remove tarnish and other gunk.

When you’re finished, simply rinse and dry the jewelry. You may want to let chains and other jewelry with small pieces to lay out to dry. Otherwise, you could end up with water trapped inside, which could cause rust or other issues, depending on what the jewelry is made of.

Be Realistic

If you’re expecting to bring in enough money for a cruise to the Bahamas, you’ve got another thing coming. The original price of your jewelry is likely more than what you’ll get from a pawnbroker.

While it may not always be very much, it’s more than you were getting out of the jewelry when they were sitting in your closet! If you don’t think the prices offered to your are fair, you can keep your item. But if you do, you’ll have cash you didn’t have before, so it’s always worth looking into.

The price you’re offered for a piece of jewelry can depend on a lot of things. One of the biggest factors is what the piece is made of.

Gold, for example, will likely bring you more money than a cheap dollar store metal. Real jewels are worth more than fake ones, too.

The condition of each piece will likely be taken into account as well.

Remember, a pawnbroker is looking to make a profit. If he or she doesn’t think your piece will sell for a decent price, they likely won’t buy it. And they’ll likely to offer you a price that’s lower than what they could sell it for.

That doesn’t mean the price will be low though!

Choose a Reputable Pawn Shop

The best way to make sure you’re offered a fair price is to go with a reputable pawn shop. While many pawn shops are perfectly fine to work with, there are some that will try to scam you.

In other words, it pays to do your research. Check reviews and ask locals about any shops you’re considering going to. If the shop has a bad reputation, don’t go with that one.

There are many pawn shops to choose from. So you don’t have to settle for one who won’t treat you fairly.

If you know anyone who’s ever used a pawn shop before, ask them about their experience. They may be able to recommend a great shop for you to work with.

Sell Jewelry to a Deerfield Beach Pawn Shop Today!

When you’ve got jewelry sitting around unused, there’s no point in keeping it there. You can sell jewelry to a pawn shop instead! Why not get some extras spending money (or bill money) from that stuff you aren’t using?

Just make sure your jewelry is in good condition and that it’s nice and clean. Then find yourself a reputable pawn broker and you’ll be on your way.

Looking to have the best experience possible? Here are some more tips for selling to pawn shops. Or if you’re ready to get started, we’ll help you sell your jewelry today.