If you’re up on jewelry trends, you know that everybody talks about diamond studs as the “must-have” for every jewelry wardrobe. Studs are pretty and all, but if you’re wearing them in your only ear piercings, let’s face it, no matter how classic and versatile they are, they’re also kind of boring. So why are we stuck in a stud rut? All you need to do is shop pawn shops in South Florida to know that there are myriad styles of diamond earrings that are infinitely more interesting and just as classic because, duh, they’re diamonds.


14kt White Gold Diamond Earrings

Even if you like diamond solitaires—single showcased diamond styles—they don’t have to be studs. You can have that single stone presented as a dangle, or haloed with small diamonds or colored gems. They can be part of a chandelier design that incorporates metal and others tones. And for heaven’s sake, they don’t all have to be round-cut either. Vary the shape of the stone and you’re already ahead of the creativity curve.


14kt Yellow Gold Fancy Swirl Design Diamond Omega Earrings

If you want to have even more fun with diamond earrings, consider hoop designs that showcase a girl’s best friend. Hoops are an insanely versatile earring, and covered or adorned with diamonds, they still are—just a little jazzier. And when you’re breaking out of the dull diamond (an oxymoron if ever there was one) mindset, don’t forget about colored diamonds, which open a whole new world of design and fashion for jewelry wardrobe. When you shop for jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, you can never go wrong with diamonds, but pick the ones you like, not the ones you think you’re supposed to have.