When You Need Fast Cash, Consider Pawning Jewelry

//When You Need Fast Cash, Consider Pawning Jewelry

When You Need Fast Cash, Consider Pawning Jewelry

Whether you need a few extra dollars for holiday shopping or to pay for the new washing machine, everybody finds themselves a little short now and then. But a little short doesn’t mean you want to race out and get a second job, so can you make money fast?

1)  Sell stuff online: I love eBay, for example. It’s a garage sale that millions of people come to, which increases the chance somebody will want that thing you’re selling. I once had a protective baby cover for glass-topped tables; it had one bid, but that’s all you need. And the beauty is that people buy everything from clothes to games to decorations in a little as a day—that’s fast cash. Craig’s List or Facebook can also work to sell things to those who are willing to pick them up.





2) Visit a pawn shop: If you need the money super fast, visit a pawn shop, which will buy your jewelry and other valuable items on the spot. The flexibility of a pawn shop means you can actually get your item back if you want it, though you will pay interest.



3) Make a sacrifice like that daily Starbucks trip, buying lunch every day at work, or even having cable. Those things add up quickly, the fast money is already at hand, and maybe you’ll find you can do without them for good!


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