People have relied on pawn shops for centuries to get quick cash, and the trend continues today with almost 30 million Americans pawning their stuff for money. 

However, different states value items differently. So when you’re looking for things to pawn, it’s important to know what pawn shops in your area will pay the most for. 

For example, pawn shops around the Fort Lauderdale area won’t give you the same amount of money for a handgun as they would in a place like Texas.

So if you want to make money pawning your items, read this guide carefully and remember what’s best to pawn. 

Watches Are One Of The Best Things To Pawn

If you’ve got a Rolex or a Patek that’s burning a hole on your wrist, take it to a pawn shop. If you ever wondered where people in Boca Raton get their luxury watches, it’s most likely from a high-end pawn shop. 

If you’re doing spring cleaning or just don’t feel like wearing your old Corum anymore, you could always get rid of it and get cash back for it. And you’ll have space in your drawer for something new. 

And since we have trained professionals on site, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best value when you turn in your watch.

High-end watches are always good things to pawn since they’re so valuable. If you need a lot of money really fast, pawn your watch. You’ll be walking away with tons of cash. 

If you need to get your watch or other jewelry fixed, you can also check out our watch repair services. Our watchmakers only use the finest quality instruments, so your items will look like new when you get them back. 

Precious Gems 

Pawn rates for precious gems like gold, silver, and diamonds. You can’t go wrong pawning these since they’re always in demand. And you’ll get good money back once you pawn them. 

Just make sure they’re in good condition, and aren’t ugly costume jewelry. You don’t want to show up to a pawn shop with a dull gold watch, or diamonds that don’t even catch the light. 

Pawning precious gems also allows you to keep parts of your jewelry that mean a lot to you. If you want to get a new diamond for your wedding ring, you can just pawn the old one and put the money towards a new one. 

Pawn Your Rare Coins Collections  

Once you’ve collected a set of rare coins, it was quite the accomplishment. But after a while, it’s easy to just get tired of looking at them. So, why not pawn them and use the money to finance the thrill of collecting a new set?

It’s not like you can do anything with old coins except look at them. You could take them out into public, but if they’re old and valuable enough, they won’t be accepted as legal tender.  

So pawn your old coins and start a new adventure today. 



Jewelry Is Always a Crowdpleaser 

Jewelry is the cornerstone of any pawn shop. Gold rings, diamond earrings, and silver bracelets will always fetch a hefty price, so they’re good things to pawn.

Just make sure you clean and polish them to the best of your ability before you take it to the shop. Once they’re sparkling in the light, you’re ready to turn that wrist candy into cash. 

Pawning jewelry is also great because you won’t have to spend time dealing with any stuffy Boca Roton jewelers, and you can get in and out as quickly as possible. 

Pawning jewelry can also be somewhat therapeutic. If you went through a messy divorce, pawning your wedding ring can be a great way to help you forget all about your ex, and get you some money on top of that. 

Jewelry retains its value pretty well, and walking around with it is like walking around with a few extra hundred dollars on you. 

Make sure you haven’t been duped though. Pawn shops always have someone ready to appraise precious metals, so pulling the wool over the eyes of a pawn shop is impossible. 

Plus, it’s just really embarrassing to find out that your diamond jewelry is cubic zirconia at a pawn shop. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Designer Handbags

Do you have a Gucci handbag that you haven’t touched in years? Well, take it to a pawn shop and get your money back. 

People get great handbags from pawn shops, and it’s high-end stuff. You’re not likely to get a lot of money in a short time span for designer clothes as taking them to a pawn shop. 

So why wait? Just pop into a pawn shop, sell your old designer handbags and walk out with decent money. You’re losing money every second you don’t pawn those old things. 


Pawning is Always Great

Getting the most out of the things you pawn is a lot easier than you think. If you’re looking for things to pawn, always make sure they’re in good condition.

Don’t forget to always check to see what your local pawn shop takes the most money for. 

Pawning is also a great way to make money and get rid of old stuff you don’t need like old guns, cars, or jewelry. If it’s just taking up space and you don’t need it, why not make money off of it? 

So check us out online, pawn your stuff, and walk away with cash today.