This fall, the trend toward big—big chokers, earrings, brooches, rings—continues to dominate fashion. On one hand, if you invest in a few big pieces, you can probably wear the same outfit every day, because who’s going to notice? On the other, you may be worrying that your classic pieces aren’t trendy enough to be seen in public. Good news: it’s all fine. The bigger-is-better trend won’t last forever, and concentrating fine jewelry buying on classic pieces is never a mistake—and that includes pendants that are a little bigger than the classic diamond solitaire on a chain. Just take look at some the bigger—though never as big as pure fashion jewelry—pendant options we’ve got at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

18k yellow gold Kaufmann De Suisse diamond necklace with Maddora Emprente Picasso bronze medallion

18k yellow gold Kaufmann De Suisse diamond necklace

There’s more good news: in addition to the big look, pendants are also being worn on long slim chains, which means a new chain might be all you need to update what you’ve already got. Also, several slimmer profile pendants are being worn together at different lengths to replicate the more complicated pieces now being sold. So see? Classic is classic is classic. If you’re in need of a few more pendants for your best mix and match look, pawn shops in South Florida have plenty to choose from.

22k yellow gold lady hematite and pearl necklace

22k yellow gold lady hematite and pearl necklace

When the long chain trend also passes—and it will as they all do—your classic pendants can return to their short chains, being worn solo, or whatever the current fad may dictate. And that’s because they’re classic, which means fine jewelry pendants are never a bad investment.