When DeBeers coined that famous phrase, “A diamonds is forever,” the company wasn’t only talking about engagement rings and designs featuring one solitary stone.  Diamonds in any design—shapes, clusters, initials, and more—are just as eternal and make a stronger statement about who you are. Just take a look at vintage era designs—Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco styles are most popular—to see how they made use of diamonds in ways that were colorful, architectural, and geometric. They were using stones to be creative, not just to show them off. The resulting pieces were sentimental and special as well as conversation-starting. Why do you think we carry so much estate jewelry at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale?

14k white gold Jayne Seymour open hearts diamond pendant

14k white gold Jayne Seymour open hearts diamond pendant

Modern designs may not get as complex as their vintage predecessors, but they are becoming more creative with each season, using diamonds to create layers, sunbursts, hearts, and freeform geometrics.  And if you’re worried that all these “oddities” may prove trendy and go out of style, fear not: they’re diamonds! How can diamonds ever not be in style?


Diamond Baby Key Necklace

Answer: They can’t. Which means when you shop for diamond jewelry at pawn shops in Fort Lauderdale, you can pick what you like, a pendant that speaks to your personal taste and style and know that no matter what you choose, you’re making an investment. More than that, someday, you can choose to pass that piece of diamond jewelry on to someone else who will also love it—because a diamond really is forever.