As current trends continue toward eye-popping and larger jewelry, the centerpiece stones have to follow suit. Fortunately, diamonds can have their place in this movement, because discoveries of sources for larger stones in half carat and larger sizes have made them available in greater quality and quantity. Yes, the investment is greater, but good diamonds in larger sizes hold their value much more than their smaller counterparts. At National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, we often have larger diamonds in stock. Take a look and imagine the piece of jewelry that you’d like to create using one of these brilliant stones.


Platinum Lady 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Women seem to favor big rocks for the neck and ears, where they’ll be most noticeable. Plunging necklines or upswept hair make sure nothing distracts from the real centerpiece. On the hand, particularly with the ever-popular right-hand ring, every movement becomes an invitation for admiration. And, as the right-hand ring pronounces, diamonds are not just for lovers. Just take a look at red-carpet footage and photos, and you’ll see that diamonds are for every day, and the bigger, the better.

1.71 carat round brilliant cut diamond

1.71 carat round brilliant cut diamond

As diamonds move further away from bridal-only territory, new designs and shapes continue to emerge. Complex cuts optimize brilliance and combinations with other stones move diamonds into more distinctive design. In today’s jewelry world, anything goes, which means, as a gift to one’s self or others, diamonds are always a smart choice, and you can find them when shopping for jewelry in South Florida.