Maybe you need some extra cash this month to buy your loved one a special birthday present. Maybe you are clearing your house of generations worth of collectibles that you finally no longer have room for. Pawnshops are a great way to make easy money on items you own and no longer need.

You may have some trouble convincing a pawn shop of the value of your grandmother’s porcelain kitty collection,  but there are many items which are an easy pawn. You can walk in and walk out the door a few minutes later several hundred dollars richer…or more.

Here are ten items which will be an easy pawn for you because they are always in demand by pawnshops. 

1. Gold 

The markets are extremely volatile now,  and investors always look to gold in times of market uncertainty. Gold’s value has nearly doubled in the past decade, and it is a reliable asset in times when you cannot depend on stocks and bonds.

Gold is also attractive because it can be melted down and refashioned. Even if no one would buy the hideous gold necklace that belonged your ex-wife,  it can be sold the value of its material and made into something nicer by a future owner. 

2. Gems 

Precious stones are another item which is always in demand by pawnshops. They maintain their value and can usually be quickly resold. 

Diamonds can be easily pawned. There is always a market for engagement rings: couples who cannot afford to pay full price will often shop at pawn shops for beautiful rings at half of the retail cost. Make sure you understand the full value of what you own so you can get an appropriate price for it.

Other gems are also in demand, Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls can be hocked for extra cash whenever you need it. Jewelers may change the settings or sell the gems individually to future buyers. 

3. Platinum 

Like gold, platinum is a valuable metal that holds its value, even in recessions.  It is often used as a setting for engagement rings,  which can be pawned as a whole or without the gemstones. 

Many pawnshops will buy the metal for its weight, so if there is added value you must make that clear. For example, a vintage ring in a rare setting will be worth more than just the weight of its platinum. 

4. Jewelry 

Many kinds of jewelry can be easily sold at pawnshops beyond just high priced diamonds. If you have bracelets and necklaces that you just never wear,  see what you can get for them or exchange them for something you like even better! 

Some pawn shops may give you a better valuation on the piece you are selling if you tell them you arere interested in purchasing something else on their shelves.

Old fashioned jewelry can be recycled by designers, so don’t hesitate if your aunt’s earings are no longer in style. You may be able to trade them in for something you appreciate more than her fashion sense: like cash! 

5. Pearls 

Strings of pearls do not usually hold their value like other necklaces.  Because pearls are so delicate, they can easily become scraped or damaged. 

However,  there are some exceptions to the general rule.  A string of pearls in excellent condition with a fine antique clasp might get you a decent price.  A Tahitian black pearl may also be found to have value, depending on its setting, size, and condition. 

It’s helpful to have documentation of the piece, to show its origin or age.  If it was designed by a noteworthy fashion house like Cartier, Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, Bvlgari or Van Cleef & Arpels, that will further enhance its sellability. 

6. Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry often finds buyers, so you may consider pawning such a piece if you need some quick cash.  A crucifix, Star of David or other symbols of faith may be in high demand by certain markets.

If the piece is made of high-quality gold or platinum or is encrusted with gems,  it is likely to have some worth.  If it has a compelling history which you can document, that may also increase its value. 

7. Estate Items 

If you inherit jewelry from a relative,  you may find that fashions have changed a great deal since their lifetime.  Your grandmother’s prized broach or necklace may no longer be appropriate for your casual lifestyle. Some older styles of jewelry may now look clunky or awkward.

There is always a thriving market for antiques, so you don’t have to hang on to your relative’s belongings if they do not have any sentimental significance for you. Your great aunt would be happy if you used her ring to buy yourself something you really liked,  rather than stick it in a drawer to never be worn again. 

8.  Women’s Watches

We like to say, “Life is too short to wear a cheap watch.” If you have always wanted to own a Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or Panerai, you can do it-  so long as you don’t mind that it has been pre-owned.

If you own a watch by one of these prestigious watchmakers,  you can pawn it for a good price. It may the answer to someone else’s dream of owning such an item of luxury. 

9. Men’s Watches 

Many men would like to sport a fancy Rolex or other beautiful watches,  but cannot afford the sky-high price tag. A pawn shop can be a terrific place to find hidden, slightly used treasures like vintage and classic wrist watches from many of the best brands. 

Pawn shops will eagerly buy up old pocket watches as well, which are very appealing to collectors. 

10. Silver Cutlery 

Silver, like gold and platinum, is another precious metal that retains value throughout market ups and downs. Whether you have a set of silver flatware or silver bowls and cups from a relative,  you will find eager buyers if you shop them to nearby pawn shops. 

Collectors may keep or resell such antique items, but they also hold value for people interested in melting them down and reshaping them. 

Easy Pawn for Easy Cash: Let it Go! 

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, never use or never liked. Get cash for the stuff that is littering your basement, and make someone else happy in the process.

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