We all love diamonds, but what we don’t love is the hit to the wallet, at least if we’re talking about buying the big rocks. But smaller diamonds get a bad rap, because we often think about diamonds in terms of engagement rings when there are so many other ways diamonds can be beautiful at fractions of the size of what might be considered engagement ring size.


14k yellow gold, diamond and emerald egg shape pendant

What’s awesome about using smaller diamonds to accent precious metal is that they’re far more available, and don’t need as many cuts when preparing them for designs. For example, a less visible triangular, rectangular, or round diamond at .1 to .2 carat size may have has few as 16 facets; compare this to a full cut large stone with 58, and you can see how much less labor is necessary before they can give your jewelry some dazzle.

Because of their size, small diamond also hide flaws more easily. And most important of all, they cost less (especially compared with the savings you’re already get when you buy jewelry at pawn shops in Fort Lauderdale)! With their simple cuts and sparkle, they can accent any piece of jewelry—like this trendy rose gold heart pendant—and look great at fraction of the cost of big stones. They can also be paired with anything from gold to silver to precious gems.

Tiffany & Co. 18k rose gold diamond etoile heart necklace

Tiffany & Co. 18k rose gold diamond etoile heart necklace

But—there’s always a but, but this isn’t a big one—quality of those small stones still matters. Are your accent stones the same size? Do they appear yellow (particularly important if they’re accenting a larger diamond)? Do some appear more yellow than others? Do you see any damage? Are they clear? Be careful when you shop for jewelry in South Florida that a jewelry is trying to unload junk diamonds by using them as accents. Pay attention to quality and your diamond accents will catch all the eyes you want them to.