Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but colored stones are her confidantes. Where diamonds display timeless elegance, it’s colors—purples, reds, greens, and ambers—that reflect personality. And you’ll find lots of them when you shop for jewelry at pawn shops in Fort Lauderdale.


14k yellow gold blue topaz and diamond pendant

Gemstones were worn by ancient Greens and Romans who liked big stones as centerpieces. When platinum was banned during World War II, yellow gold was paired with bright jewels. Art Deco liked to mix diamonds with the colors, and once Hollywood caught on, there was no turning back. Mixing and matching colors is even more dazzling.

Once colored stones caught on, beads weren’t far behind with their comeback. In single- or mixed-colored strands, beads are a casual alternative that offer myriad options in color, shape, size, and added accents. What’s more, with no metal settings to add to the cost, beads provide a stunning visual bang for the buck.

14k yellow gold lady color stone bracelet

14k yellow gold lady color stone bracelet

In fact, all colored stones are as versatile in price point as they are in design. While large rubies or emeralds in their natural state can command more per carat than a diamond of comparable size and grade, high-quality synthetic versions will fool all but highly trained professionals. That means you will always find something you like when you check out our inventory at National Pawn and Jewelry.