10 of the Best Things to Pawn at a Fort Lauderdale Pawn Shop

//10 of the Best Things to Pawn at a Fort Lauderdale Pawn Shop

10 of the Best Things to Pawn at a Fort Lauderdale Pawn Shop

American pawn shops bring in around $15 billion in revenue every year. 

Are you looking to cash in on that lucrative opportunity?

If so, you’ve likely spent a few hours scouring your house and garage for the best things to pawn, hoping that one man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure. 

Yet, unless you know what to look for, your efforts could be in vain. In reality, there are some items that fly off the shelves at a Fort Lauderdale pawn shop, and others that the shop owners can’t even give away. 

Today, we’re taking a look at the 10 hottest items to pawn around here, so you’ll know how to direct your salvage search. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. Jewelry 

There’s a reason they’re called precious metals. People will spend a small fortune on someone else’s tennis bracelet, gold locket or yes, engagement ring.

As a rule of thumb, gold is a higher earner than silver. Across the board, however, jewelry is one of the best items to pawn because it appreciates over time, making that costume jewelry of your great-grandmother’s that much more valuable. 

Experienced appraisers will examine each piece to determine its exact worth. This way, when you sell your jewelry, you’ll know you’re getting a fair deal.

2. Smart Devices

Sure, your iPhones and MacBook Airs will fetch you a pretty penny at a pawn shop, but don’t forget your outdated or underused tablets. 

These are often the easiest technology accessories to get rid of, as you likely handle most of your personal communication on your smartphone and your work efforts on your laptop. Thus, they are expendable, though shoppers are still fawning over them, especially when they’re offered at a fraction of their retail price.

3. Power Tools

Wondering, “What can I pawn around the house?” What about that drill that’s been sitting in your basement for years, never seeing the light of day? Take it into the pawn shop and see what you can get. 

Top brands to pawn include Bosch, Milwaukee, and DeWalt, but leave that lone screwdriver at home. Shops are mostly looking for larger-scale items, such as circular saws and air compressors. Give yours a good shine before taking them in to make sure you get top dollar. 

4. Rare and Collectible Coins

There’s a chance that the old pickle jar full of spare change in your closet could earn you some major cash at the pawn shop. Dig through it for valuable coins and paper currency!

From silver dollars to federal reserve notes, the more unique and rare the item, the more valuable it could be. Plus, most pieces are worth far more than their face value.

Do you have a collection of Rosevelt Silver Dimes printed before 1964? Though they’re technically only worth 10 cents each, they’re made of 90% silver and a roll could earn you hundreds of dollars at the pawn shop depending on their date and condition. 

5. Sporting Goods

Did your son decide after one season that soccer just wasn’t for him? Don’t toss that gear or give it away for free. Instead, take it to the pawn shop. 

Gently used, good-condition sporting goods are still in high demand in Fort Lauderdale and beyond, as there will always be a need for families to procure these items.

Other high-earning items include bicycles, golf clubs, skis, and surfboards. You can also bring in your gym equipment, freeing up some space in your basement!

6. Gemstones

While your gold jewelry is always welcome, you might be surprised that gems, especially diamonds, are some of the best things to sell at a pawn shop. 

Like gold and silver, pawn shop owners will price your diamonds based on their condition and rarity. The value of yours will be based on how it ranks against the “Four Cs.” These include:

  • Carat 
  • Clarity
  • Color 
  • Cut 

The right diamonds can earn you up to four figures, so it’s worth a trip to your local shop to see what your collection is worth. 

7. Watches

Unlike some other forms of jewelry, the value of watches also takes into account the amount of labor and craftsmanship required to create the timepiece.

Thus, it’s no surprise that brands including Movado, Breitling, and Rado can fetch you hundreds at the pawn shop. Sitting on a Rolex at home? You could be looking at thousands. 

8. Smartphones and Laptops

Today’s smartphones are priced out of reach for many Americans. As such, pawn shops have become popular places for them to obtain access to the devices without having to shell out close to $500 or more for the latest one.

The pre-owned electronics market is hotter than ever before, and if you’ve recently updated to a new model, it’s worth it to bring yours in. Top brands include gently used iPhone, Galaxy S or LG smartphone models.

9. Video Games and Consoles

With new games hitting the market every few months, you might have already grown tired with the few you received over the holidays. 

Thankfully, you can take them to the pawn shop to earn a quick dollar, but don’t come with just one. To increase your earnings, bring in your video games in sets, preferably of five or more. The most popular titles include the Madden series, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Halo. 

Looking to make even more money? Bring in your older consoles, given they’re still in solid operating condition. They appreciate at a slower rate than games do and add to your earnings. 

10. Firearms

As a general rule, firearms retain their value longer than most items. If you have guns you’re looking to get rid of, the pawn shop is a great place to take them. You’ll earn even more if they’re antique or rare ones. 

Of course, you’ll need to verify that the pawn shop you’re considering is licensed to sell firearms. From there, you’ll need to bring along with you all the required paperwork to pawn your gun. Also, make sure to fully unload the firearm before bringing it in. 

Find the Best Things to Pawn Today

Are you ready to clean out your closet, garage or basement and see what kind of cash you can make from your unused treasures? 

If so, it’s time to visit your local pawn shop!

As the Kondo craze of reducing clutter and embracing minimalism continues to sweep the nation, there’s never been a better time to take an inventory of your belongings and find the best things to pawn. 

When you’re ready to take your items in, we’d love to help.

We’re a full-service pawn and jewelry shop servicing the greater South Florida area. Contact us with any questions and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

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