When you’re shopping for jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, sometimes it’s little more than window shopping, and sometimes you’re on a mission to find something specific. If you exactly what you want, and especially if you’re looking for a jewelry wardrobe staple, pawn shops are your best place to begin. Certain items become stalwarts of our inventory, and if you want one of these four things, we’re sure to have a selection.

Engagement rings

Engagement rings at South Florida pawn shops, while, yes, “pre-owned,” can save you up to fifty percent off retail. Without those extreme mark-ups, your budget will go a lot further toward getting your intended the ring of their dreams, even something unique or antique that couldn’t be found in traditional retail venues. Try not to get hung up on the ring’s provenance; you’ll be creating your own meaning for it.

14k white gold lady diamond engagement ring

14k white gold lady diamond engagement ring

Watches collectors like the have the newest thing, and also like to trade up. Because fine watches retain value, they make excellent pawn fodder. At National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, we always have a healthy inventory that includes brands like Breitling, Rolex, Cartier, and more.


Rolex Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Yacht Master

All kinds, all styles, stones, metals. Necklaces are among our most popular item. For all occasions, tastes, and genders, you’ll find a pendant or necklaces that pleases you.

Diamond Earrings
You’ve heard it said enough that everyone should own a pair of diamond earrings; they’re the classic staple of any well-rounded jewelry wardrobe. And, as such, they get bought frequently, and pawned just as much. From studs and chandeliers to hoops and novelty shapes, we’ve got them all.

If you’re interested in these items, visit often, as our inventory is ever-changing.