Cleopatra was said to be enchanted by beautiful green emeralds, which were first mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC, possibly sooner. Can you blame her? The delicate beauty of these stones still enchant us every time we see them at pawn shops in Fort Lauderdale.

platinum emerald and diamond ring

Platinum emerald and diamond ring

When we think of beauty, we tend to not want to know about the science; still, you may be interested to learn that emerald’s green color comes from chromium, vanadium, and iron that are present in the mineral beryl. The amount of these elements present determines the intensity of the stone’s color, which is an important in assessing the emerald’s value. Bluish green to green in medium-dark to dark tones are considered the best, and they are further valued by their clarity. Flaws—or inclusions—in emeralds are often visible to the naked eye, so the fewer of them there are, the more the stone is worth. As emeralds tend to form six-sided prisms, they are best suited for their eponymous emerald cut, which you’ll find in many of the emerald items we have in stock at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.


18K white gold, emerald and diamond earrings

Emerald’s lush green color makes it the perfect birthstone for May and the upcoming spring, a season of birth and renewal. Old superstition imbues emeralds with power to soothe the eyes, ease childbirth, ward of evil spirits, bring eternal youth, and cure a host of diseases from depression to intestinal issues, as well as ease stress and bring power. Why wouldn’t you want one?