If you received a jewelry gift in the late eighties and early nineties, it may well have been a tennis bracelet. Before tennis star Chris Evert snapped the clasp on her bracelet during the 1987 U.S. Open, these bracelets were called eternity bracelets, and featured—like rings of the same name—stones going all the way around the piece. But once Evert asked officials to halt the match until she found her jewelry, the eternity bracelet was rechristened and enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. They remain popular, and we’re never without a few at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

14k yellow gold and diamond gents bracelet

14k yellow gold and diamond gents bracelet

At their peak, tennis bracelets were so popular that it was nearly inconceivable that bracelet shoppers would buy something else. Indeed, it’s likely that every woman who came of age during that time has one in her jewelry box. But if you’ve never looked at diamond bracelets after that, you might be surprised to see, when you shop for jewelry in South Florida, that they’ve come a long way! Designers have run with the classic design and added precious metals, colored gems, and diamond patterns that far surpass a simple row of stones. Some are so impressive and flashy they earn a designation as a “red carpet design.”

0k yellow gold lady 7 fancy diamond cluster bracelet

10k yellow gold lady 7 fancy diamond cluster bracelet

Of course, long before the tennis—or even eternity—bracelet, diamond bracelets were around, as evidenced by the interesting styles you’ll find among estate and vintage collections; check out our antique panther bracelet with diamonds and emerald eyes! Even bangles sporting stones are a departure from the standard, and you’ll see these and many other designs when you browse pawn shops in South Florida.