Search for Classic Styles at Pawn Shops in South Florida

Jewelry trends go through phases, but classic styles are classic because they don’t. There are certain pieces of jewelry that are not just beautiful, but practical in their timelessness. When you invest in such a piece, you know you’ll have—and wear—it forever. Here at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, we particularly keep our eyes out for those pieces, because we know that our customers are always on the lookout for them as well. Here’s what we’re talking about:


Still a perennial favorite for everybody from the six-month-old babies to nonagenarians, diamond studs truly are all things to all women. Always stunning and ever staid, they go with everything. And if you’ve got multiple piercings, you can never have enough of them. Of course, when do get t hemin, they go fast!


Guess what? Before the tennis bracelet was a tennis bracelet and a ubiquitous trend, it was just a diamond bracelet. As such, it’s never really gone out of style any more than diamonds have. But beyond the single strand diamond bracelet, there are countless other styles, every one of which is just as ageless. Why? Because diamond! Pick what you like, and you’ll always be in fashion.

14k white gold lady diamond bar link bracelet
14k white gold lady diamond bar link bracelet


Bright colors might seem to completely contradict the classicality of diamonds, but bold and beautiful are hard to resist. And maybe because diamonds on the fingers represent romance and betrothal that it’s the gorgeous colored gems that remain everlasting when it comes to fashion. In any event, pick up a colored beauty for your hand and wear it with anything.

14k yellow gold diamond and amethyst ring
14k yellow gold diamond and amethyst ring
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