Diamond and Pearl Jewelry at Pawn Shops in the Ft. Lauderdale Area

Here’s another one of those stupid “rules” that some society someone somewhere once upon a time tried to make stick: don’t wear diamonds and pearls together.  Hopefully, that sounds just ridiculous to you, because not only have you seen jewelers pair these two beauties, but also because you know that that they’re two classics that look great together. If you could, you could ask Elizabeth Taylor.

lady platinum pearl and diamond ring
lady platinum pearl and diamond ring

There’s a reason common sense won out over whatever nonsense first dictated that rule: diamonds and pearls—the hard and the soft, the glitter and the luster—are natural complements. Pearls tone diamonds flash into a more casual arena, and diamonds make pearls seem that much more timeless and modern. But, as in favor of the combo as we are, there are some no-nos, design mistakes you won’t see in any of the pieces we carry at National Pawn and Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale. That’s because jewelers know what works, so if you want to mix diamonds and pearls, you can’t go wrong with a pre-designed piece.

18k yellow gold diamond and pearl clip back earrings
18k yellow gold diamond and pearl clip back earrings

If you’re choosing separates when you shop for jewelry in South Florida pawn shops, follow the design experts’ guidelines:

1) Let one gem be the star, and the other a supporting player, i.e. accent. In other words, don’t make it hard to figure out whether it’s a diamond ring with pearls or a pearl ring with diamonds.

2) Diamonds are awesome with both black and white pearls. One is bold, the othe subtle. (We know you know which is which.)

3) Wear your combinations with confidence, like someone who sets trends, not follows them.

Need some ideas to get started? Attach a diamond pendant or brooch to a string of pearls, or wear a diamond chain with pearl earrings. It’s just the beginning.

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